Shofur’s Engineered Race

  WHERE: Nu Tauri System NEAR: Simbad’s Refuge WHEN: May 4, 3304 TIME: 7PM PST     Buy your desired ship.  And make it faaaaaaaast! Utility mounts?  Won’t need ’em.  Sell ’em. Required Components: D.Grade components for maximum speed! A.Grade Thrusters A. Grade Power Distributer Optional Internals: D.Grade Shields Fuel Scoop Reduced Fuel Tank Size…Read moreRead more

Board: AUA // FEB 2018 (3304)

Board Member AUA (Ask Us Anything) Saturday – February 25, 2018 at 3:30pm Central (GMT-6) Hosted by: your Board & Flight Leaders Broadcasting from the PA Twitch Channel:[twitch-status channel=”privateersalliance”] External Links: Facebook | Twitter  Meet your PA Board and ask us questions. Hear about our future ideas for growing our gamer group, and offer up your…Read moreRead more

Pleiades Relief Efforts

In the morning hours of 14 December, an unprecedented attack by the resurgent Thargoids crippled the AEGIS-controlled stations of Titan’s Daughter, The Oracle, and Liman Legacy in the Pleiades region. The Thargoids first disabled the starports via EMP to disable defenses, then attacked the stations en masse, focusing on the stations’ fusion reactors. Casualties are…Read moreRead more

FDev 24hr Livestream and Hunter Games

FDev is having their 24hr stream to support Special Effect, a charity that brings freedom and gaming to people with physical development challenges!! At 1400 hrs CST, PA’s own Brap Man and Sean DaggerD will be competing in the Hunter Games during this charity stream. People can donate to Special Effect to get heals and…Read moreRead more