Feel like you have a dedicated, quality stream that has what it takes to make it big on Twitch? Would you like the help and support of a family style organization of gamers? Come join the Privateers Alliance Stream Team!

Rules upon acceptance

1. You must be willing to have a rolling bot announcement promoting PA website and the Stream Team
2. You must be willing to have our logo somewhere on your stream, either in the display or prominent in your tiles on your stream
3.You MUST be a friendly, helpful streamer, welcoming to newbs and vets of gaming alike.
4. Discrimination of ANY kind will not be tolerated
5. You must be active in our discord, especially on the Stream Team chats, offering help, or support to fellow teammates
6. Be willing to host teammates

If you said yes, please fill out thisĀ FORM

NOTE: Not all applications will be accepted. We are looking to grow this team slowly and with quality. You will be notified of our decision once your application has been processed