Pleiades Relief Efforts

In the morning hours of 14 December, an unprecedented attack by the resurgent Thargoids crippled the AEGIS-controlled stations of Titan’s Daughter, The Oracle, and Liman Legacy in the Pleiades region. The Thargoids first disabled the starports via EMP to disable defenses, then attacked the stations en masse, focusing on the stations’ fusion reactors. Casualties are reported to be in the thousands, especially at The Oracle, where one section of the habitation ring has been completely destroyed. Is is unknown if station safety procedures prevented the rest of the ring from rapid decompression.

Several Privateers’ Alliance CMDRs joined the Pilot Federation’s emergency relief efforts to evacuate the stations, based out of PA’s home system of HIP 33368, which is strategically close to the Pleiades.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. This is what we get for shooting at the ‘goids.'” remarked one CMDR. “WHY SEND A RELIEF SHIP WITH ONLY ONE LARGE PAD? I’VE GOT WOUNDED HERE” responded another CMDR via telepresence.

Board member Roknori released the following statement via his office from somewhere in deep space.  “We may be Mercenaries, working for credits, but we’re also human. Our CMDRs that are able to assist those in the Pleiades to bring needed supplies and evacuate those that remain on the stations affected by what’s happened show that there’s more than just one aspect of being truly Independent.”

PA CMDRs seeking to assist in the relief and evacuation efforts are asked to bring food, water, medical supplies, and economy-class passenger modules to ferry the wounded to the various relief vessels.