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Wickedlala is a co-founder of  Privateers’ Alliance. She is our Ambassador, Community Manager,  and Social Media Manager.

Dubbed the “PA Den Mother” Wickedlala is the one in charge of all (read: most, edit by bkidderz) the background administrative work of PA, as well as keeping the community needs met.  Wickedlala is a lifelong gamer, starting when she was three and played Frogger on her family’s Intellivision console. She is a mom of two daughters and the wife of Ph1lt0r.  She is currently working on her degree in communications, and has worked in some sort of PR, Marketing, and Customer Relations for the past 13 years.  She loves music, books, gaming, gardening, cooking, history, science, sports, outdoors, and bettering her community, both online and in real life.





Other facts about Wickedlala:

She studied Classical Voice for 13 years

She has Ankylosing Spondylitis

Her eldest has Autism, and she and Ph1lt0r are heavily involved in programs that support mental and behavioral health