Roknori is a founding board member of Privateers’ Alliance, and works on game coordination within the group. Roknori was introduced to PA by another board member, Morgrhim, and was drawn to the PA motto of “we play together but everyone plays their own way”.

Roknori has worked in the IT field for almost 10 years till he medically retired due to spinal injuries. Feb on 2016 he decided to start streaming and share his love, perspective, and understanding of games as he learns and plays them.

Gaming online started for him during 1995 with MUDs and MUXs during the age of Telnet. Purely text based systems, which translated well for him due to having started playing D&D, and have yet to stop, since his brother bought him my first Redbox Set and later introduced him to AD&D, 2nd Edition. Then came to presence of MMO’s. He played World of Warcraft as a Progression Raid Leader for 10man, 10man Heroic, 25man, and 25man Heroic for the raid guild Smash Bunny on the Lightninghoof server, which he started playing on Day 1 Server Launch in 2003. From there he’s started, built up, and lead several Raid Guilds across WoW and SWToR. He played Eve: Online as an Industrialist and Market Manipulator within Minmatar space, Heimater Region, for near 10yrs and acted as a Minor Alliance Politician in LowSec and SovSpace aka 0.0/NullSec/SovBlock. He’s seen many meta-politics in the years that I’ve played online games. Rise and Fall of powerful organizations/alliances/coalitions is a constant thing.

Roknori can be found on his own streams, on Privateers’ Alliance streams.