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Jorlan is among the founding board members of Privateer’s Alliance. Known as one of the “Voices of PA” for his velvety baritone, he views himself as a “Jack of All Trades,” stepping into a variety of roles as needed for the group. Sometimes he streams as an “Emergency Protocol” when Phil or Lala can’t. He also helps with graphics design and voiceovers when requested, and will soon release a custom Voice Attack pack when he carves out the time.

While his gaming time is mainly focused on Elite:Dangerous, Jorlan enjoys the Destiny series, WATCH_DOGS, Star Citizen, Skyrim, Deus Ex, and other games introduced to him by fellow PA members.

In real life, Jorlan tests, integrates, and develops a variety of software for a tech startup. Other IRL interests include ethical tinkering and hacking, typical sci-fi/fantasy topics, photography, psychology, fine wine and whiskeys, martial arts, and poking fun at his home state of Florida.

  “And ladies, he’s single.”