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Kidd is on the board for Privateer’s Alliance.  Known as the “The Dude Who Heals” for his concordant sequenced pulse lasers, he views himself as a “Healer”, stepping into a variety of dungeons and space battles, as needed for the group.  Sometimes he streams as an “Honest Attempt” when people aren’t looking.  Kidderz works on social media and branding for the group.

While his gaming time is mainly focused on Working to Pay off Student Loans as well as the popular DLC: Other Mistakes Made By the Younger Me, Kidderz also enjoys the discomfort of learning something new, Final Fantasy XIV, Skyrim, Elite: Dangerous and GTA V RP Servers.

Other interests include technology that actually works, proper avoidance of software updates and when to install them, text-based RPGs, chefing it up in a crockpot, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, and also cats.