Holiday/New Year 3303

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the bubble, not a pilot was flying that expected fair trouble, the cargo was hung in the cobra with care, in hopes at the station the price would be fair...

The pilot was nestled, all snug in his seat, flying through subspace, a new star to greet, when out on his dashboard arose such a matter, an interdiction alert making a clatter.

Away to the throttle, he flew like a flash, his ship swinging and swaying avoiding the crash, the red on the screen continued to grow, filled the pilot with dread for he knew not where to go.

When what to his wondering eyes should appear, but Cmdr Tony Curtis, and his ship full of fear.

With a smart ass old driver so Jolly and Quick, laughing and joking about the size of his dick...

Here are some photos of how we spent our time on New Years!