Freedom of Navigation and Commerce (FNC)

Today, marks a historic change of strategy for the allies in (redacted).  While previous reports from (redacted) indicated an increase in hostilities between Privateers’ Alliance and (unknown terrorist organization), reports from verified sources today suggest otherwise.  The announcement of FNC or the Freedom of Navigation and Commerce Act has restored public faith that Privateers’ Alliance is more than a bunch of bloodthirsty bastards™.

“Oh yeah, nah.  This is great, man.  We’ll be back to work belt an’ loading in now time,” said one local Unionist.

When asked about the new initiative, one shipper had this to say, “I mean, look.  Are we going to be working Colonia Expansion hours?  Hell naw, but at least we can go back to work without dodging blockades.”

More on this story as it develops, but for the time being, it does seem like the cries for war and allegations to the effect that might have suggested PA’s involvement in aggressive affairs abroad to be at a minimum totally farce.