Colonia: Lockdown Special Orders

Everyone that is a part of the Colonia Intiative. These are the STANDING ORDERS as determined by leadership.


Contacts are WickedLala, Ph1lt0r, Roknori
  • If you are currently in LHS 3447, continue original mission parameters.  Work with Loaders/Buffers and head to Colonia when you are loaded.
  • If you are already on your way to Colonia continue on track and head to Colonia.
  • If you arrive in Colonia during a shutdown period, land on Colonia 3 C and wait until the Jaques Faction is out of a Lockdown state.
  • Remember not to dock at any port/station/outpost while in Colonia unless you plan to fly back on your own.
  • If you make a delivery, either to the station or to Ironkor, please be sure to screenshot your payload and report that to WickedLala (send via DM in Discord).


Contacts are bkidderz and Jorlan
  • Continue loading shippers/buffers per normal as they entering the queue for being loaded.
  • Be mindful of your Credit Balance. If you need credits, please let us know.  We can assist.


Contacts are bkidderz , Jorlan, FaceHugr

  • Continue working as a loader unless a buffer is needed.
  • Loading your ship is secondary to loading Shippers.

 System Defense (HQ):

Contacts are SeanDaggerD, CMDR TONY “F***ING” CURTIS, Roy Fokker(Bigskill)
  • Keep an eye on Influence levels within the systems that we own and those that we are in just in case I miss something when checking things. I
  • If you see something concerning, notify one of the contacts above.
  • If Loaders are needing credits and you are Bounty Hunting, see if they are willing to join you.

Colonia Defense:

Contacts are KzFusion and Roknori
  • Report to Colonia ASAP and dock at Jaques Station.
  • Jaques Station has Repair, Restock, Refuel.
  • The current services down at Jaques: Commodities Market, Crew Lounge, and Outfitting.
  • Orders for Colonia Defense are to Bounty Hunt within the HIGH/HAZ RES Sites and turn them in at Jaques Station.
  • Minimum 3 day tick on the Lockdown, which started on Wednesday (Jan 11, 2017).