KC Twitch MeetUp

  Left to Right: SandwichMaster, WickedLala, Ph1lt0r, JonPryde, BCarter, ThisJustIn and CookieMonster227.

Pleiades Relief Efforts

In the morning hours of 14 December, an unprecedented attack by the resurgent Thargoids crippled the AEGIS-controlled stations of Titan’s Daughter, The Oracle, and Liman Legacy in the Pleiades region. The Thargoids first disabled the starports via EMP to disable defenses, then attacked the stations en masse, focusing on the stations’ fusion reactors. Casualties are…Read moreRead more

Freedom of Navigation and Commerce (FNC)

Today, marks a historic change of strategy for the allies in (redacted).  While previous reports from (redacted) indicated an increase in hostilities between Privateers’ Alliance and (unknown terrorist organization), reports from verified sources today suggest otherwise.  The announcement of FNC or the Freedom of Navigation and Commerce Act has restored public faith that Privateers’ Alliance is…Read moreRead more